We believe in the power of stories to balance the world.

  • Stories help us connect with our shared humanity.
  • Thanks to stories, we realize that beyond different outfits or skin color, we are one.
  • We share the same ups and downs, the same fears, the same longings.


Here is our talk at TEDxPorto explaining our vision.

That is why we teach storytelling as a tool to empower individuals to choose their own narrative. Here is the slideshare we use in our workshops.

We published many resources online to help you with your next public speaking intervention:

Feel free to use them!

Beyond the power to change the individual narrative, we also believe that we have a responsibility to change collective stories.

The only way to challenge stereotypes is to            actually produce counter-storytelling.

That is why we engage those who are less represented in the media to have a voice.

In terms of gender, we are extremely sensitive to the gender gap in public speaking. You can check out our slideshare or our video on that topic.

And we are very vocal about the need for feminist storytelling.