My experience in different social businesses in Barcelona and around the world allows me to share powerful stories and inspire others to contribute to a better world!

What motivates me to speak and train all around the world?
I actually really aspire to…

  • Work with individuals on their limiting negative narratives and subconscious biases.
  • Make them more aware of the gender stereotypes affecting them.
  • Help them embrace their full potential and pursue the projects they are truly passionate about.
  • Spread awareness on positive projects and exciting solutions from around the world.
  • Inspire them and give them concrete tools to become active changemakers.
  • And globally contribute to a more peaceful, balanced and compassionate world!!!


What do I talk about ?

Public speaking topics
(from 20 minutes to 1 hour)

Workshops topics
(from 2 hours to full day)

  • Storytelling workshop (10-15 participants). Learn how to find your WHY and expose it in a TEDx format. Learn how to improve
    interpersonal communication.
  • Diversity and inclusion workshop: uncovering your privilege and subconscious biases
  • Busting bias workshop: a very interactive
    workshop assessing where stereotypes affect you in a very concrete way in your daily life
  • Gender neutral parenting: How to raise
    confident daughters and emotionally intelligent sons?
  • Youth empowerment: Deconstructing
    narratives, teaching soft skills as confidence building and emotional literacy.
  • Awareness for media or advertisement
    professionals on gender stereotypes
  • Masculinity 2.0: What does it mean to be a man in 2017?


Multi-day workshops

  • Crash course on social activism: Practical tools to bring your message to the world (video, website, social media, graphic design,
    storytelling, etc…)
  • Feminism 1.0.1: key definitions, buzzwords and innovative solutions…. Mixing mind and body activities, theoretical concepts and empowering challenges.




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