web_Through our think and action tank Shiftbalance, we are dedicated to promoting more gender balance all over the world.

We collect, produce and spread information on everyday sexism and existing solutions, to transform each one of us into a balance-maker.

Here is what we believe in:

Women still don’t get the visibility they deserve

All around the world, women are lacking visibility in media, politics or business.

  • Out of 193 countries, only 15 have a female head of government.
  •  Women represent only 15% of business angels in the US and 6% in Europe.
  • In movies, only 31% of speaking roles are occupied by females.

Our world is still massively led by men and shaped according to men’s vision and opinions:

Many women do not dare to speak up as much as they could, therefore creating a voice gap.

According to the Confidence Code, “public speaking is an iconic challenge to female self-assurance.”

When the group majority is male, women speak 75% less often!

Consequently, most of the conference’s organizers recognize their challenge in sourcing women speakers and we see less women on stage…

Promoting gender is profitable

  • Growth trends indicate women as a global group will eventually represent a market larger than India and China combined.
  • 85% of consumer purchases are actually made by women.
  • Venture-backed companies led by a woman actually produce 12% higher revenues than their male counterparts.

Diversity not only helps the bottom line but also brings in different values, creating a new economic model.

A holistic one, looking for both economic and emotional capital, uniting financial and social return. Aiming at profit, but with principles.

We believe in the power of storytelling for change

Stories have the power to change the world, would it be listening to others’stories that move you or learning to master your own narrative.

That is why we leverage stories to shift the traditional balance.