Innovation Learning Journeys

What is an innovation tour?

All the innovation of the world is not concentrated in the Silicon Valley! Some of the most creative solutions actually originate from the most unexpected or challenged contexts.

The Innovation tour brings you there!

During this learning journey, a select group will meet local entrepreneurs, start-ups, incubators, investors, journalists, artists, or even activists, in emerging markets.

It is not simply an opportunity for exposure to the people with creativity and momentum, but rather a chance to learn new innovation trends and techniques and see how they can apply to your own business or market.

Why would you join us? What is the take-away?

  • You will get a comprehensive vision from the city major stakeholders of the East-African start-up ecosystem
  • You will learn first-hand from local entrepreneurs how you can innovate in a context of scarcity and how this specific mindshift can apply to your organization
  • You will find potential investment opportunities
  • You will network with the trailblazers of an emerging continent
  • You will share your vision with the other high-level international participants of this tour
  • You will be challenged and you will have fun!
  • You will definitely come back with a different vision of Africa!

Hear from the participants of last year edition:

Jean-Paul Andrivet, Impact investor

“It has been a great opportunity to meet the business environment related to entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, as well as arts and activism. I wasn’t expecting all the information I received. It was a must to come with the innovation tour, as a great introduction to the environment and I am now considering different potential investments.”

Alina Alvarez, Social entrepreneur

“It was a very over-achieving experience… We got to meet a lot of great people, projects, opportunities, but also it was very helpful in understanding the ecosystem in Kenya and I personally found a variety of projects that I would be interested in collaborating with.”

Check out our Nairobi tour 

We are currently preparing our 2014 edition of the tour. If you are interested in applying, contact us: